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March 4, 2020

Rita & Chris – Beachy Engagement

We had the pleasure of photographing Rita and Chris (& their adorable kiddos) for their engagement session last weekend at Sandy Point State Park…and let us tell you…it could not have been more perfect! Rita and Chris met in Cape May, NJ so we just knew this location would be perfect for capturing their love for the beach (and wine…which you will see below!) From the gorgeous sunset and cotton candy sky to the beautiful outfit choices they made, the entire afternoon proved to be one that will be hard to top!

We love it when we can joke and laugh with a couple and we were able to do that the second we met them! Rita and Chris were so laid back, SO willing to brave the chilliness (as you can see from Rita’s gorgeous sleeveless dress…you’re a Rockstar) and very eager to let us play out our crazy visions of fantastic composition opportunities! We are still so ecstatic about the beautiful images on the rocks, even if it was a bit dangerous!  We are all about capturing the most perfect images and so were they, so it was totally a win-win!

During the afternoon, we tried to pretend it was much warmer than it was.  After we took our shoes off in the sand, we quickly regretted the decision given the fact that we couldn’t feel our toes…but that surely did not stop Rita, Chris, and the kids!  They even walked on the shoreline in the water.  Very brave for it being the middle of February in Maryland! That is what we loved about this family, though!

As the session came to an end one thing was very clear to both of us; these two are madly in love.  It made everything SO easy for us.  We love it when a couple can interact with each other and pretend like the cameras aren’t even there.  These two were pros and the photos are proof.  Rita and Chris, we just absolutely adore you two and really loved capturing your love and we are SO EXCITED to capture even more of your love in June!

It was so sweet having their kids join their session!

The love these two share was so infectious the entire evening.

A little wine on the beach on a Sunday?! Sure!






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